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X-Diner Overview
Designed for Microsoft Windows platform X-Diner is suitable for F&B business like restaurant, café, pub, fast food, karaoke, and etc. Its user-friendliness, easy to learn, and feature rich characteristics have been well received by our customers.

Performance & stability are X-Diner’s design priority. Using both MS SQL and Visual FoxPro database X-Diner requires minimum technical support and its data is truly scalable, facilitating your future growth and expansion.

We understand that speed is critical in the F&B businesses and you’ll see that X-Diner is designed to ensure quick & easy ordering service, quick order alteration, quick billing, and quick settlement.

X-Diner can be used as a standalone or networked F&B solutions coupled with multiple kitchen printing capabilities.
X-Diner Table Management is useful for restaurants that have dine-in environments. You can see the graphical floor plan with tables’ arrangements and color indicator highlighting tables that are vacant/occupied, ordered, ordered time, billed, bill split, multiple bills & etc.

Since X-Diner was designed for touch-screen you can manage orders from tables’ point-of-view. For instance, (i) touch a table and press Bill for billing. (ii) Touch a table and press Payment for settlement. (iii) And so on. Just that simple!

Table Management also helps you keep track of customers who switch from one table to another. Most importantly, X-Diner can give you reports on Table Turnover to ensure you maximize your profit. X-Diner’s flexi-menu allows you organize your menu buttons. It provides unlimited column & rolls, and unlimited drill down levels, and individualizes drill up levels to suit the most sophisticated menu exists!

X-Diner allows every ordered item to be edited. For instance, special instructions can be attached to an item e.g. less oil + less salty, can be remotely sent to kitchen printer.

Discount can be given to an item or the whole order but protected by password and security keys/magnetic cards.

Take away orders can be different from dine-in orders by excluding Service Charge… and many more!

X-Diner also come with stock inventory.

Most importantly, X-Diner can give you reports on Table Turnover to
ensure you maximize your profit.
Floor Plan
Order Screen
Time Attendance
The traditional staff attendance machines are Manual Punch Time Clocks. Due to its inaccuracy in time recording, hassle in calculating staffs’ weekly or monthly work hour and overtime, most customers now turn to computer based Time Attendance system.On top of that, X-Diner’s Staff Calendar allows you to record leave applications, work & off days, public holidays and etc.