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Retail Business Suitability
Designed for Microsoft Windows platform X-Retail is suitable for any retail businesses. Its user-friendliness, easy to learn, and feature rich characteristics have been well received by our customers.

Features can be tailored to fit any retail business. Functional buttons can be turned on/off, re-arranged, re-named or password protected.

Performance & Stability are X-Retail’s design priority. Using both MS SQL and Visual FoxPro databases X-Retail requires minimum technical support and its data is truly scalable, facilitating your future growth and expansion.

X-Retail can be used in both single-counter & multi-counters networked environments.
Cashiering Screen
Stock Take Screen
Apparel/ Fashion : X-Retail Matrix controls keep articles by color & size. Matrix is used in Puchasing, Receiving, allocation, DO and etc.
Mini Market : X-Retail can manage unlimited item codes and multiple barcode each item.
Supermarket : X-Retail can set any kind of promotion, by period, by PLU, by brand, by Category and etc. No need to remember scanning   sequence.
Book / Video : Multiple Search Criteria- Item Description, Category, Barcode, Keywords, Author, Publisher and etc.
Cake & Bakery : X-Retail can take deposit for Special order of cakes and later settlement done on other outlets.
Pharmacy : X-Retail maintains stock in multiple UOM e.g. Box, strip and tablets. As well as expiry date. (FIFO)
Feature List:
Cash Sales, Credit Sales, Rental Sales, Deposit/Booking Sales, Special Charge, Additional Charge, Suspend/ Recall Sale, Multiple Search Criteria, Salesman by Item/Sale, Item/Total Discount by % or $. Discount before / after Tax, Return or Exchange item, Refund, Reprint Receipt, Void item/ Bill, Multiple Tender/ Payment, Multiple Currency, Voucher/ Coupon, Membership program, Accumulate Bonus Points, Inquire Bonus Point, Redeem Bonus Point, Inquire Purchase History. Rounding on tax, discount, total or change, And many more….